How I got my job in Sydney

G’day mates!

How ya going?! Omg, my mind starts speaking with an Australian accent, but when I open my mouth it just sounds like a Dutch accent to me. Anyways, that doesn’t matter, people seem to like my accent here, and they like me also haha ;-).

Lovely, amazing, great, beautiful Australia! What a great feeling, knowing that I took the right decision 3 months ago. And because I wanted to be here so bad I had to try everything I can to get a job! And this is how I did it.

First of all I send 100+ job applications! Changing cover letters every single time, checking the email address, checking the names, put it all in one excel sheet, call them after a week. I did all I can do to get a job. I HAD TO GET A JOB, THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION.

And then I started thinking, how can I stand out, how can I send my application and make it look different, make it to the job interview, or even making them wanting to open the email that I’ve sent!

So I recorded a video and I just explained why I should be hired, why me, and what I am capable of doing.

  1. Bought a domain name (my own name)
  2. Asked help from a friend who can build websites
  3. Posted my CV
  4. Posted my video
  5. Sent out to 100+ companies

There was this one company who insisted on hiring me and paying me a fixed salary while the rest of the employees worked on a commission based salary. Just because of my idea.

So I would recommend to take out your creativity and start working with it. You can do what I do, or you can try something totally different. As long as you are standing out of the crowd you will be NOTICED.

Good luck!

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